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Keith Wood

To all Fire Departments
I had a website I made myself up and running but was not real thrilled with my own creation. So I asked a friend about there site and he directed me toward Caintree webservices. I gave Rodney an Idea of what I wanted and in only two short days he had us up and running. The website he made for us really out did anything I could have possibly come up with. Rodney continued to assist me with getting things togther on our site.The Caintree web service really looks after its customers Rodney advised me once I asked about payment, "not to worry about it yet, I want you comfortable with the site before we worry about that". It really shows that they carry about their customers. Thanks alot Caintree and Rodney we look forward to working with you alot and directing other department your way so they can get the same quality and service we have received from you.

Keith Wood
Training Officer
Bailey Volunteer Fire Department
Bailey, NC
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Complete FD Website Package

Freedom to manageall aspects of your site..

Only $411.18 includes a one time design fee, hosting, and domain name for the first year - Complete Package..

(then ONLY $107.88 a year after)


  • 1 website
  • 100 GB space
  • Unlimited bandwidth*
  • 100 email accounts**
  • 10 MySQL databases (1 GB ea.)
  • Domain Name
  • Design and Layout
  • Detailed Instructions
  • email support, phone support
  • video tutorials on how to maintain the new website. You will be able to manage your own content quick

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Social Page as Website

your domain points to your social media account

What We Do

  • Configure Email
  • FTP Content Management System
  • Custom php.ini file
  • Configure CMS
  • Create Header
  • Install Specified Modules
  • Install Specified Components
  • Install Photo Gallery
  • Install Security Scripts
  • Install Starter Content
  • Send Email Directions
  • Make Sure Your Confortable Making The Changes
  • Close Out Ticket
  • Provide Continued Support

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Special Note - We do not charge any money for the Content Management System. We simply configure it to work as you need. We have taken the guess work out of what to do next. We look forward to Serving Your Website Needs

The Joomla Solution

We specialize in the Joomla content management system. Sites created using Joomla means that you can manage your website entirely online using only your Internet browser. You can customize your website by creating pages and adding popular features, such as: Blogs, Photo Galleries, Discussion Boards, Document Management, and more. If you are familiar with MS Word then you can also edit your website content in real-time using our rich-text editor. Simply update your content, click "save" and your website is updated instantly! We provide detailed Directions on how to manage your site.

Joomla is an open source content management system written in .php. It is fully extensible and customizable through templates, components, and modules.  Joomla can be used to create dynamic, community based websites quickly and easily.